Warzone players want fist fights removed from the Gulag

Nicholas Sakadelis
Cold War's Warzone Gulag

Warzone players are furious at the fists-only loadouts in the Gulag, resulting in seemingly random fights that have absolutely no skill curve to them.

Since the beginning of Black Ops Cold War X Warzone Season 1, the gulag in Warzone has changed to a model of Nuketown. While this new map has some balancing issues of its own, players are still annoyed with a loadout in the gulag, leftover from the original Gulag showers map.

The specific loadout in question is the ones that include fists. The two available loadouts also include lethal and tactical equipment, but only one of these loadouts is considered viable, which includes a throwing knife vs a semtex grenade.

In a Reddit post, user Jibeddy pointed this issue out, stating he’d rather play with the “wonky snipers” like the Rytec & Dragunov instead of the “hot mess that is fists.” The poster notes that his main issue is the lunge mechanic and the fact that the player who lands the first punch always wins since there is no escaping the following punches.

Commenters largely agreed with the original post, with one user pointing out that the semtex-fist loadout combo is entirely random, where the throwing knife-stun loadout allows players to at least have some form of counterplay to foes.

Thankfully, the Gulag loadouts do rotate each week, so players will only have to deal with the fists loadout about once per month. Nonetheless, they are extremely frustrating to play with, leading to players feeling like they are helpless to the outcomes.

With the rumor of a new Black Ops Cold War-themed map on the horizon in April, our guess is that a major change to the loadouts and the gulag system are on the way with the next major Warzone update, speculated to drop during Season 3. Stay tuned for more updates.

Image Credits: Activision

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