Warzone update breaks Easter Eggs & blueprint rewards

The most recent Call of Duty: Warzone update has apparently broken all the rewards for completing Easter Egg quests on both Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Easter Egg hunting on Verdansk and Rebirth Island is no easy task. Players often need to spend 20 minutes to complete a single quest in Plunder, and they are frequently met with failure due to other players blocking the way to success.

As an exclusive reward for players who complete Verdansk’s stadium or bunker easter egg, a blueprint is dropped for these players to use in games to signify the accomplishment. These blueprints are hidden inside of the final quest rooms for players to pick up.

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If you were unlucky enough to attempt the Easter Egg since the last Warzone update, instead of a blueprint, you’d be met with a giant mess of pixels that your character cannot pick up instead of a proper blueprint reward.

You can watch Redditor DingDingDongDotJPG run into this bug in the video below. You might be shocked to see how crazy this bug actually is. It’s quite unbelievable at first glance, but we are talking about Warzone, notorious for its collection of bugs.

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We know how frustrating these Easter Eggs can be, so we recommend steering clear of any Warzone-related blueprint quest for the time being. As of now, it seems like Raven/Treyarch are not aware of this bug.

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Once they are, it should promptly be added to their public Trello board while they work on a fix for the community. We’d expect this bug to be fixed quickly due to the game-breaking nature for players.

Image Credit: Activision/Infinity Ward