Warzone Season 4 Sequencer Grenade explained

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone Season 4 Tier 100 skin

A new piece of Tactical Equipment has arrived alongside the Warzone Season 4 update, here’s how to get and use the Sequencer Grenade on Fortune’s Keep.

It’s not often that new Lethal or Tactical Equipment gets added to Warzone, but Season 4 is set to deliver the Sequencer Grenade. This new piece of Tactical Equipment is set to shake up the battle royale with its disorienting effects.

The Sequencer Grenade is a unique piece of Tactical Equipment as it’s not something you’ll equip to your custom loadout in Warzone Season 4, but rather a valuable tool that you’ll have to earn in-game.

Fortune's Keep Warzone map minigun

How to get Sequencer Grenade in Warzone

For starters, the Sequencer Grenade is only available through the new Black Market Buy Station. In other words, you’ll have to activate a Black Markey Supply Run Contract in order to get your hands on a Sequencer Grenade.

The Black Market Buy Station is meant to set players up for victory with its valuable items and the Sequencer Grenade is a great option you won’t want to ignore. Of course, this means that for the moment the Sequencer Grenade is only available on Fortune’s Keep.

Fortune's Keep map Warzone

The Sequencer Grenade applies visual and audio distortion to enemy players. The visual distortion is in the form of floating red numbers that will appear on your victim’s screen. Meanwhile, the audio distortion will result in an auditory debuff that will leave your sense of in-game audio impaired.

The Battle Hardened Perk will act as a direct counter to the effects of the Sequencer Grenade as it will reduce its power. You can also get rid of the unwanted effects by using a Stim. Given the buff to Battle Hardened in Warzone Season 4, it may just become an extremely popular Perk.

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