Warzone sees a spike in hackers during Season 2

Warzone cheaters are back

CoD: Warzone is starting to see another influx of users using wallhacks and aimbot during Season 2.

Players cheating in Call of Duty’s free-to-play title: Warzone, is nothing new. Since the conception of the hit title, it has been an on-going issue for developers Infinity Ward and Raven to constantly ban cheaters as they return to the game, who seem to be quite aggressive when it comes to attempting to ruin it for other players.

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Recently, Raven has seemingly amped up the ban waves, putting two major ones out just a few weeks ago. However, those measures seem to have been short lived, with more players hopping onto Warzone as of recently, wreaking havoc into Season 2.

As with any game, the cheaters were bound to come back again, and now it appears that more players are running into them, per posts across social media and Reddit.

Many high-ranked lobbies are seeing a rise in cheaters, with one Redditor Sadboy2k03, posting a video of him running into two in one game in the King Slayer playlist.

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We can only assume the cheaters were in this playlist attempting to level up weapons before hopping into regular Warzone to ruin the competitive BR for others.

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In another post by Redditor TrancaDorada, you can spot another blatant aimbotter and wall hacker, snapping onto the player and his teammate heads through a wall. While this was an unfortunate situation for the players, it’s quite humorous to see how poor the cheater actually is at the game.

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Cheaters seem to latch to snipers as easy weapons to rack up kills, so be sure to watch those killcams. You can see in the video below, Redditor Ftwrath was misfortunate enough to run into one.

With any game, we’re well aware that cheaters come and go in waves. Cheats are regularly updated, and in return, the developers hit players with large ban waves. We’d like to think that another ban wave will be on the horizon for these trolls.

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We’ll be sure to update if Raven comments or issues a fresh ban wave. Stay tuned.

Image Credits: Acitvision