Warzone Season 2 leak claims Bomber planes can destroy Buy Stations & loadout drops

Warzone Pacific bomber plane and loadout drop

Warzone’s upcoming Bomber plane has been leaked for a while now, but its official description has reportedly been found in the game files and reveals that it’s capable of destroying Buy Stations and loadout drops.

Planes were one of the major changes for Warzone Pacific, arriving in the Vanguard Royale mode and allowing players to shoot others out of the sky with ease. But, a Bomber plane has also been leaked for Season 2, along with its devastating abilities.

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The Bomber plane is set to arrive in a Season 2 event but a dataminer has claimed to have found its official description in the game files, revealing that it’s capable of destroying Buy Stations and loadout drops.

Warzone planes in Caldera

A four-seater Bomber plane was spotted in Warzone’s menus back in December, around the time of the Season 1 update. Things went quiet, and then it was leaked again by dataminer ‘Reality,’ where they claim to have found details about the Season 2 event.

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The leak claimed that “a new fleet of Bombers have been delivered to Caldera” and will arrive in Season 2. Now, they’ve apparently found the official description, which was added after the February 3 update that reverted the loadout drop delay.

The leaked description reads: “When it’s time to call in the big guns, there’s no better vehicle at your disposal than the Bomber. This aircraft packs a heavy punch, with seating for three in turrets and a spot for a pilot who can drop explosive payload-bombs that can turn buy stations into shrapnel and reduce loadout crates to debris.

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If this leak is to be believed, it’s possible that the description exaggerates its power, but that’s unlikely. It’s more likely that the Bomber will only be an event-specific LTM, as these changes would significantly affect how Warzone is played.

Reality also claims that a “Portable Buy Station” has been added to the game files. This could be to give players more options if the usual ones are destroyed.

But, as with all leaks, these need to be taken with a grain of salt. Both equippable helmets and the G3 Assault Rifle were found in the game files before and never made their way to the game. So, there’s no guarantee that the Bomber planes will have this ability.

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Players have also been desperate for Iron Trials to return to Warzone, and this same data mine claims that it’s coming to Rebirth Island in Season 2.

Image Credit: Activision