What is Totally Normal Battle Royale? Warzone’s Limited-Time Mode explained

Hamza Khalid
Warzone operators aiming guns

Totally Normal BR is back in Warzone, with the bizarre playlist bringing a host of weird and wacky twists to classic Battle Royale gameplay on Caldera.

Game devs love to drop surprises for April Fool’s Day, and Raven are no different. Back on April 1, the devs dropped ‘Totally Normal BR,’ a special mode to celebrate the day.

Luckily for players who previously missed out on the experience, ‘Totally Normal BR’ has made a surprise return. The mode was added back to the Warzone Pacific playlist on October 3, giving players another opportunity to enjoy the wacky mode.

What Is Totally Normal BR Mode In Warzone?

Warzone operators in Rebirth Reinforced and Caldera

When you hop on Warzone, you’ll see the ‘Totally Normal BR’ mode with the caption “DON’T PRESS THIS BUTTON,” as one of the playlist selections on the in-game lobby.

This mode provides you with a Specialist bonus that gives you all of the Perks in the game at once. On top of that, there is the Panzerfaust rocket launcher which you can collect as soon as you spawn in.

Rocket launchers and explosives also work differently in these game modes as blowing up an enemy won’t kill them. Instead, they’ll be sent flying back, and you’ll have to find other ways to finish them off.

The Totally Normal BR game mode will also have you drop into the map with no parachute, but you won’t take any fall damage. Another fun feature is that players will also get unlimited Gulags during their matches, but only as long as they keep winning them.

The developers have brought many changes in these new game modes, so be sure to drop into Warzone and try out Totally Normal BR before it disappears.

When will Totally Normal BR leave Warzone?

For now, there’s no word on how long Totally Normal BR will be in Warzone, but we don’t expect it to be a permanent fixture.

It’s likely that the mode was added as a final hurrah during Season 5 Reloaded, with Warzone 2 set to launch on November 16.

For more news, find out what will happen to the current iteration of Warzone including leaks suggesting Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep could be permanently removed.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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