Warzone Rebirth Island strategy fully levels Vanguard guns in only “30 minutes”

Liam Mackay
Warzone Rebirth Island and Vanguard Operator

Vanguard and Warzone players have long complained about the time it takes to level up weapons, but players have discovered a Rebirth Island method that takes only “30 minutes.” 

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s weapons arrived in Warzone with the Season 1 update, but players were shocked with how long it takes to reach max level and unlock all of the attachments. Each Vanguard gun has around 70 levels, and the loadout drop change has meant that carrying your weapon of choice is even trickier.

However, Rebirth Island has finally returned, and players have discovered a method that supposedly allows players to level weapons from 1-70 in only “30 minutes.” 

Warzone Pacific Rebirth Island map

With Vanguard’s weapons having 70 levels, it can take an extraordinary amount of time to reach max level and unlock all of the meta attachments. While some players accidentally queued into hacked lobbies that ranked up weapons instantly, everyone else has been trying to find the optimal method. 

How to level up Vanguard guns in Warzone incredibly fast

Reddit user ‘JustLawlyOnTwitch’ appears to have discovered an incredibly fast method on Rebirth Island, saying that it’s “faster than Vanguard multiplayer.”

Similar to the Plunder strategy that Raven Software were quick to patch, this strategy takes advantage of Double XP events and tokens. It appears that there’s a glitch causing Double XP to stack, which allows players to fly through weapon levels.

Here’s how to level up Vanguard guns incredibly fast in Warzone: 

  1. Apply a Double Weapon XP Token
  2. Load into Rebirth Island
  3. Grab a chopper ASAP 
  4. Either pick your gun from a loadout or find it as ground loot
  5. Fly around completing Supply Run contracts (easier with a friend)
  6. Buy UAVs to avoid players and stay alive

The Reddit user explained that each contract grants 700-1,000 XP, and this goes up to 4,000 if you combine the Double XP event and tokens. They claim to have climbed 30-40 weapon levels in one game of Rebirth Island. 

Similar to what happened with Plunder, it’s likely that Raven Software will disable Double XP in Rebirth Island to prevent players from leveling up their weapons so quickly. We recommend using this as soon as possible before it’s patched out if you’re still behind on some weapons.  

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Image Credit: Activision

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