Warzone Rank 1,000 and max weapon level hack reportedly patched

Liam Mackay
Warzone level 1,000 hack reportedly shut down

After top Warzone streamers and other members of the community were granted level 1,000 and every weapon unlock in hacked lobbies, Raven Software have reportedly shut down the cheats in a secret patch. However, the leaker claims hackers may still give out Dark Matter Ultra.

Warzone cheaters have been running rampant in Season 4, with cheaters being able to crash your game and even have permanent UAVs. While your standard aimbotters and wallers still plague matches, Activision are fighting against a new wave of cheats, such as cheats coming to console and players receiving level 1,000 and every weapon unlock in hacked lobbies.

Warzone’s devs appear to be proactive in putting a stop to these new cheats, with the console hacks reportedly shut down and, now, a leaker claims the level 1,000 hack was secretly patched by Raven Software.

Warzone FARA 83 dark matter camo

The internet went crazy over a new system of hacks in Warzone that granted top streamers level 1,000, Dark Matter camo, and every weapon unlock. Some of Warzone’s best and most popular players were on the receiving end of the hack, with Biffle, Swagg, and NICKMERCS all being gifted the rare unlocks.

Now, however, Raven Software appears to have shut down the hacks in a silent update. Call of Duty leaker and data miner CallofDutyHope tweeted on July 13 that “Modern Warfare/Warzone had a silent update today patching both level 1000 and max level Cold War guns hacks.”


In further tweets and replies, the leaker described the nature of the fix. “This only applies to anything going forward,” the leaker explained. Players who received all of the high-level unlocks will apparently get to hold on to them, and the fix will only stop anyone else from receiving the new hack.

One of the most significant aspects of the hack was that players would receive the uber-rare Dark Matter camo for all weapons. “DMU can still be given regardless of the guns not being fully leveled as the challenges are all memory-based,” revealed CallofDutyHope. So while cheaters may no longer be able to gift level 1,000 and max weapon level, you may still randomly receive Dark Matter.

Neither Raven Software nor Activision have confirmed the fix for the 1,000 hack, but if they provide any update, we’ll let you know.

Image Credit: Activision