Warzone players want Cold War and CoD Mobile’s gunsmith system

Hamza Khalid
Mp5 in Warzone

The gunsmith system in Cold War and CoD Mobile lets you see precisely how much tuning done you can do to a weapon, and players now want the same precision in Warzone.

There are plenty of amazing weapons to chose from when you hop into a match of Warzone. You can then further improve these guns with the right attachments and perks to create the best loadouts.

The gunsmith system in Black Ops Cold War and CoD Mobile lets you experiment with different weapon combinations while also showing you the exact percentage that you were tuning.

Now, Warzone players want the same level of detail.

Cold War XM4 in gunsmith

Warzone content creator JGOD highlighted the impressive amount of detail in CoD Mobile’s gunsmith. It gives you a precise look at what exact changes each attachment makes to your weapon.

One user replied to JGOD’s tweet, asking why Cold War can provide detailed stats with specifics, but that’s not the case in Warzone. The latter’s gunsmith only showcases the changes from each attachment in a graph.

The lack of specific percentages makes it difficult to see how much the attachments affect each weapon. Implementing the Cold War gunsmith would let players get a better feel for each of these changes.


Having detailed stats for attachments in Warzone would be a game-changer, and players believe that it should be easy enough to integrate the gunsmith system from Cold War if the devs try.

Currently, we don’t know for sure if the developers will take this suggestion to heart, but they’ve been known to listen to player feedback. Hopefully, we’ll see something like this implemented in Warzone soon enough.

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Image credits: Activision