Warzone players slam “unplayable” Rebirth Resurgence Extreme mode

Liam Mackay
Warzone rebirth resurgence extreme

Warzone’s September 30 playlist update readded Rebirth Resurgence Extreme, but the mode doesn’t seem to have landed well, with players slamming it for “ruining Resurgence.”

To keep gameplay fresh and exciting, Warzone devs Raven Software have several LTMs that they rotate every Thursday. The most recent, Iron Trials 84, was an absolute hit among fans, and many want it to remain a permanent mode.

But with Iron Trials’ removal came Rebirth Resurgence Extreme.

This more chaotic version of Rebirth Island appears to be an issue among players, with many saying it’s too hectic and impossible to regain or get a loadout.

Woods and Park fighting in Rebirth Island

What is Rebirth Resurgence Extreme?

Warzone Rebirth Resurgence Extreme is similar to regular Resurgence, but there are many more players, and the respawn time is significantly lower.

In regular Rebirth Island modes, roughly 40 players are dropping in. But, in the Rebirth Island playlist that replaced regular Resurgence on September 30, 64 players are dropping into the smaller Warzone map.

While some players prefer this more chaotic, faster-paced gameplay, many believe it’s ruined the mode.

Warzone players slam Rebirth Resurgence Extreme

Call of Duty Warzone Rebirth Island

After Warzone Rebirth Resurgence Extreme replaced the regular playlist on September 30, players haven’t been shy in sharing their discontent.

Reddit user Sir–Realist said that “they ruined Resurgence” and explained how “it’s practically unplayable.” They said that there are too many players for the size of the map, and it’s impossible to regain because everywhere is “crawling with players.”

In the comments, another user said that it’s “Almost impossible to get a floor loot gun without dying let alone a loadout.” Many others agreed, saying that opening loadout drops is far too risky.

Some praised Raven Software for keeping the game fresh with new playlists but wish they would always keep the regular modes available when they add something like Warzone Rebirth Resurgence Extreme.

It’s clear that Raven was aware of Extreme’s problem as, in the past, the mode had around 100 players. Raven clearly listened to fan feedback, but it appears that 64 players are perhaps still a little too many for the smaller Rebirth Island.

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Image Credit: Activision

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