Warzone players literally break the game by calling in 100 loadout drops

Andrew Highton
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An experiment has shown the devastating effects on Call of Duty: Warzone that can happen if too many players are gathered in the same space, and all call-in loadout drops – it breaks the game.

People are always coming up with different questions and theories about Warzone, wondering if such and such is possible. But one that hasn’t been talked about too much, due to its almost impossible chances of happening, is the effects of calling 100+ loadouts at once.

Thanks to the organization of one YouTube channel, this was allowed to become a reality in CoD: Warzone. Whereas Swagg has been saying devs “broke” certain weapons and Nvidia DLSS has been breaking players aim, this less organic scenario has shown how limited Warzone, and any other game, can be when pushed to its limits.

warzone loadout box

DefendTheHouse is a YouTube channel that has been busting myths in gaming for years. They take a simple premise and do their best to set the circumstances up to see how it plays out.

They decided to get a lobby together to all earn enough cash, grab a loadout each, and all drop them simultaneously to see if it breaks the game.

It went pear-shaped almost immediately as Warzone’s engine was having a difficult time managing the presence of so many players in one tightly-confined space: reducing character models to low-pixelated, versions of themselves. Captain Price even hilariously looks like a “PS1 character,” a throwback to his first Call of Duty games.

After some brief instructions, the mass of loadout drop markers began to flood the area, and we saw a storm of loadout boxes dropping from the sky.

Timestamp 8:44

Once they’d all landed, the boxes flashed uncontrollably as the game seemingly couldn’t have so many on-screen at once. Not only that but numerous players could be seen running around in slow-motion as the game couldn’t render their animation in real-time.

It’s all a bit of good fun, and shows the lighter side of Warzone and what you can and can’t do. Although we imagine this will be one of the only times in history when so many loadout drops are activated in one area!

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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