Warzone players furious with “joke” Sniper nerfs in Season 3

Joseph Pascoulis
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The Warzone Pacific Season 3 update brought some major changes to Snipers, which many players are now furious with.

Warzone Pacific Season 3 brought a much-needed update to the game with refreshing content to get players excited again. While players have been very happy with the changes made to Caldera, some are not too impressed with certain weapon buffs and nerfs.

While some have been enjoying the return to the HDR meta and Heavy Snipers dominating the weapon category, others are very frustrated with the change.

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In the patch notes, the devs made it so the following Weapons do not have one-shot kill potential to the head:

  • Rytec AMR (MW)
  • Dragunov (MW)
  • M82 (BOCW)

Although the weapons above that received this nerf to their one-shot potential aren’t considered meta, for players who like these Snipers it is extremely frustrating to have them nerfed to this extent.

This is the case for Reddit user Djabouty47, who put a post up in the Warzone subreddit showing gameplay of just how much the Sniper nerfs in Season 3 have impacted their favorite Sniper, the Rytec.

Of course, it’s not just the Rytec that received a nerf, but rather most of the lighter Sniper Rifles. While most of the lighter Snipers are still able to one-shot enemies with a headshot, it’s only within their maximum damage range, which limits their potential, especially on a huge map like Caldera.

This has caused frustration among the community, with one user in the comments stating that these changes are a “poor attempt at balancing the game when no one asked them to.”

Others disagree, even feeling as if “they (the devs) are making sure Vanguard guns are the meta with the hope of boosting sales.” Regardless, it doesn’t seem like the community is too happy with the changes aside from those who are happy to go back to the HDR.

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Image Credits: Activision

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