Warzone players furious as September 23 update makes battle royale “unplayable”

Warzone player firing an Assault Rifle

Every time a new Warzone update drops, there are bound to be a few bugs and glitches. Now, a new update is frustrating players as they’re claiming the glitches have made the game “unplayable.” 

Warzone players aren’t strangers to strange bugs and glitches. Some can be game-breaking like the one that allows players to win games while an enemy is still alive, while others are just strange, such as players seeing inside their own skulls.

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Raven Software introduced a new update patch on September 23, and Warzone players are reporting various stability problems that have arrived in the game shortly after it went live.

Warzone players battling in Verdansk stadium

The new Warzone patch was designed to introduce balancing updates and tweaks to various weapons. However, this is reportedly causing performance issues for multiple players.

Redditor u/LOTHMT pointed out that the menu’s interface wasn’t working properly. “The game seems less optimized in the menus now again, what did I miss in a week of not playing?” asked the user.

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“They messed up something with the last mini-update, the menus are unresponsive,” replied one player. A few others pointed out that the servers jumped to 170ms+ or 200ms.

According to a few players, these performance issues are much more noticeable during gameplay than they are on the main menu. As a result, many fans are demanding that the devs fix these issues.

At the time of writing, Raven Software have yet to address these issues or promise a hotfix. Hopefully, the problems will come to their attention, and they will implement a fix in a future patch.

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Image credits: Raven Software