Warzone players furious after getting kicked out of almost every match

Hamza Khalid
Warzone Pacific operator in Fortune's Keep

Warzone Pacific players were glad to see the popular Plunder game mode is back but are now frustrated that they’re getting kicked out of the game in almost every match.

Warzone’s Plunder is an alternative game mode that lets you respawn as well as quickly level up your weapons, and Raven Software often removes then adds it back as different game modes are introduced.

While the Warzone community is glad to see that Plunder is back in the game, there are multiple reports coming in of players getting kicked out of almost every match without any warning.

Warzone Operators on Caldera

Reddit user ‘X_R_Y_U’ shared an image in the Warzone Pacific subreddit, showcasing an error message informing the player that they’ve been kicked out of the server in the game’s Plunder mode.

The Redditor claimed to have received this message halfway through all three games they played that day and then asked other players if there is some sort of issue with the Warzone Pacific servers.

In the comments of this thread, many other players shared their own recent experiences with this server error, and all of them claimed to have encountered this message when playing Plunder.

One player added that while playing a match, nearly everybody in the game “timed out” after just 8 minutes so that only 6 other players were left. This problem continued with players constantly being kicked from the game.

The user wrote: “Managed to reach first place only to freeze. Then I eventually timed out to the main menu.” They confirmed that this happened while they were playing a solos match in the Plunder game mode.

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Another commenter claimed that the game’s servers worked perfectly fine when they tried out other Warzone game modes such as Resurgence, but Plunder crashed every game that they played.

They faced this same problem again just 20 minutes prior to posting this comment. The other users in the thread also expressed their frustration with this issue, hoping that the developers will fix it soon.

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At the time of writing, Warzone players are still reporting this problem in this Reddit thread, so it remains to be seen when exactly this problem will be resolved. Hopefully, the developers will patch it up soon.

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