Warzone players frustrated as ‘Superman jump’ glitch ruins games

Hamza Khalid
Warzone player jumping

Warzone requires players to plan their attacks and constantly adjust their strategies to changing combat, but now one glitch is letting players jump like Superman and ruining the game.

There have been a fair amount of different glitches and bugs in Warzone. The Superman jump glitch is a notable one that had been plaguing the game all the way back in Season 3.

It allows players to jump extremely long distances but also causes them to spontaneously begin falling. The glitch is still around and causing problems for players in Warzone Season 5.

Warzone character falling

Warzone YouTuber Expel was playing a game of Iron Trials when he encountered this frustrating glitch. The player was engaged in a 1v1 battle against the final opponent of the match when something strange happened.

Expel was on top of a building and was ready to gun down his opponent. However, he was suddenly launched from the building after approaching the edge and began plummeting to the ground below.

This glitch happened because the game assumed that he was walking off and pulled his parachute.

Once the player had lost this optimal position on the map, he ended up losing the gunfight. This glitch has happened to players in the same way before, as they found themselves falling by simply getting near the edge of a building.

It’s not just Warzone that has been affected, as the Superman glitch has been in Black Ops Cold War too. At the time of writing, it doesn’t seem that Activision are aware of this issue, but we hope that they will implement a fix for this soon.

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