Warzone players debate whether Rebirth Island or Verdansk wins are more satisfying

Andrew Highton
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Call of Duty: Warzone features two ultra-competitive game modes that millions of players love dropping into. Now, players have discussed if they prefer the satisfaction of winning battle royale or Rebirth Island.

There’s an underlying belief that wins in Rebirth Island are not ‘legitimate’ wins, and don’t really count as a Warzone Victory. But to some, it requires more skill, it’s more exciting, and should be Warzone’s de facto game mode.

This particular debate has been raised on social media, and it’s got Call of Duty: Warzone players wondering what the most satisfying experience is in Season 4.

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lmaorichie is the user in question that stoked the initial fire, saying: “My friends and I took a 2-3 week hiatus from the game and have now come back to only playing Resurgence. Proper enjoying it, usually get a few wins every day and able to fry lobbies with 10-15 kills.

“Tried one game of Verdansk to lose to absolute nonsense and honestly not even gonna be arsed until they fix the hacker problem, the server problems, the exploits, the insane number of dead silence drops, etc. Stick to Rebirth people!”

It’s no secret that Warzone’s main battle royale mode is at the heart and center of pro tournaments and is generally the main source of gameplay for streamers. Yet it receives daily complaints about its various glitches: duplicated loadouts and invincibility-causing God Mode glitches.

But the fact is that Rebirth is also privy to glitches and hacking, with Rebirth Island recently ruining one of JGOD’s games with an invisibility glitch.

One of the top replies says: “I tried Rebirth before, and I don’t get the same satisfaction when playing Verdansk. Rebirth is fun, but only for a while. Gets boring after some games. Winning in Verdansk is more satisfying.”

A counterargument to this was: “For sure a verdansk win feels better, but the ends don’t always justify the means and that’s why I like Rebirth. The game itself is fun, even if the wins aren’t as exciting. And sometimes they’re still an adrenaline blast when it’s 1v1 or 1v2 end game.”

It’s fair to say that both Verdansk’s battle royale and Rebirth Island both have pros and cons, so why not contact us on our Charlie INTEL Facebook page or Charlie INTEL Twitter, and we can see where you side!

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