Warzone players confused as teased Mine map changes never happen

Hamza Khalid
old mine in warzone

The Old Mine is a mysterious inaccessible location on the Warzone map, and fans are confused about whether or not the developers plan to ever open it up.

There have been many new additions in Warzone Season 6, including a new Battle Pass and Operator skins. While there have been map changes in Verdansk, one mystery still remains in Warzone.

There is an Old Mine on the map which has remained close for multiple seasons. The devs haven’t given us many clues about when this will open up, and fans are calling for answers.

Old mine in Warzone

Reddit user BizarreBandit highlighted this in the Warzone subreddit. The minimal clues in the game have made it difficult to guess what’s inside this Mine and caused speculation about whether or not they’ll ever open.

“Are the Mines ever going to open?” asked the Redditor. While a few users stated that the developers are probably never planning to open them, others pointed out that players have seen the interiors of the Mine by exploiting glitches.

“You can see the interior which has been fleshed out and modeled for a while, there’s even a working zipline in there. Clearly, the intent was to open it eventually,” wrote one user.

Players that exploited the glitch to gain entrance to the Old Mine would peek through the boards near one of the entrances and see a zipline in there. However, those cracks have been sealed now.

At the end of the patch notes image, the developers teased the mines opening up at a later point. “You may also notice that the interior mine complex is currently blocked off… for now,” it reads.

Now, fans are wondering if the developers have canceled any plans to open up the Old Mine. There’s no way to know for sure until they address this, but we hope to get updates later in Season 6 or at the start of Season 7.

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Image credits: Activision