Warzone players claim MW’s success over BOCW and Vanguard is in the “small details”

Joseph Pascoulis
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Warzone was a huge success following its arrival beside Modern Warfare (2019). Some players are suggesting that the effort put in by Infinity Ward is what made it more successful over BOCW and Vanguard’s subsequent integrations.

Warzone is now in its second season under the Vanguard integration, with a recent overhaul to the weapons to keep them in tune with BOCW and MW gun stats.

After Call of Duty admitted to their mistakes with both the BOCW and Vanguard integrations bloating the game and creating problems, players are pointing at the “smaller details,” believing they indicate the effort that was originally put in by Infinity Ward to originally make Warzone a success.

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Reddit user s-gli put a post up on the Warzone subreddit pointing out the incredible effort Infinity Ward put into the weapon descriptions on Modern Warfare compared to the less extensive descriptions on both Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard.

The post now has over 1.7k upvotes at the time of writing this article, so it seems many agree with the comments made about the “small details” being so great on Modern Warfare compared to the following instalments from the franchise.

This has even led to comments suggesting that these added details go as far as to show the overall effort put in by the developers to make these games, claiming that it “says so much about these last two years.”

Players feel as if these small details show “effort applied across the entire board,” which is why Modern Warfare was a “fan favourite.”

On the other hand, some are arguing that it is unfair to claim that the developers of BOCW and Vanguard didn’t put enough effort into their games, as both Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch had much less time to develop their instalments.

“I would give Treyarch & SHG a bit of a benefit of the doubt. IW made their title with a full 3 year development cycle and gunsmith was their baby.”

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Regardless, Infinity Ward are developing Modern Warfare II along with Warzone 2, so hopefully, the experience on these future games lives up to player expectations.

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Image Credits: Activision