Warzone players claim it’s now impossible to play Verdansk Battle Royale

Liam Mackay
Stitch fighting adler in call of duty warzone

Frustrated with the state of Warzone Season 4, players claim that cheaters, broken movement mechanics, and low-recoil Assault Rifles have made the game unplayable for the casual player base.

Warzone has been out for a year and a half now, and Call of Duty players have become extremely battle-royale savvy. Almost every angle, rotation, and flanking route in Verdansk are known, and players know how to stay on top of the meta.

Unfortunately, this is excluding the casual audience, who feel that Warzone is “nearly inaccessible.” Aggressive teams, cheaters, and Assault Rifles with no recoil and a low TTK have made it so those who only hop on a few nights a week don’t stand a chance.

Player sniping in Call of Duty Warzone

In a post that climbed to the top of the Warzone subreddit, a Reddit user explained why “Verdansk BR is nearly inaccessible on a casual level.” No matter how they play, they’re being “wiped from all angles and distances and constantly seem to be at a disadvantage.”

Our Reddit user and their squad represent the majority of Warzone’s player base, casual players with 0.7 – 0.9 K/Ds. However, they’ve said that “the difficulty level is through the roof” and have taken to Plunder and Rebirth “just to get some enjoyment” from their sessions.

The Reddit user also described how the cheating situation is impacting all aspects of gameplay. When they get beamed from the other side of the map or a full-team rushes into their building, they have no idea if the enemy players are legit. “You really can’t tell if you’re dealing with hackers or just brilliant players,” they explained. “Our suspicions are always there.”

CoD Warzone Season 5 artwork

Many users in the comments cite Cold War’s Assault Rifles as the root of the problem. User Joecalone said that “zero-recoil ARs have plagued the game for weeks now,” and that “any player can beam you from vast distances regardless of how good they are at controlling recoil.” Others blamed exploitable movement mechanics for the problems.

Of course, there’s the argument that these casual players should just ‘get good.’ But, the OP asks the question: “Does it mean battle royale is done for us unless we’re willing to put more time into the game?”

Top-tier players such as NICKMERCS are moving away from Warzone because of the state of Season 4, but this post is evidence that the casual player base is frustrated too.

Image Credit: Activision