Warzone players claim ‘free’ bundle is stealing their CoD Points

Andrew Highton
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A bugged Warzone bundle that appears from the outset to be free is not the case at all with players claiming that it’s actually taking 2000 of their CoD Points.

For many CoD Warzone players, the battle royale extravaganza is not just about slaying enemy players en route to a spectacular win, it’s about doing it in style.

Call of Duty’s store allows players to procure a wide variety of themed bundles to kit out their favorite characters, guns, and nameplate.

These bundles are usually very transparent when it comes to their cost as the majority of them require the exchange of CoD Points purchased with real money.

However, it appears as if one bundle is glitched and is leaving players out of pocket, despite it saying it’s “free.”

Warzone bundle bug is wrongfully taking CoD Points

A Warzone bundle tied to Amazon Prime Gaming is appearing on the CoD store for some players with the ability to “Claim Bundle” and requires nothing in exchange.

As Reddit user Character-Pie-3389 discovered, looks can be deceiving. The Warzone player selected this option but found out to their dismay that it took 2000 CoD Points out of their account.

The reason why this happened is unclear, but the OP believes that the bundle secretly costs CoD Points if you don’t have Prime Gaming, theorizing: “I think it’s because if you don’t have Prime you have to pay for it, but they didn’t say that, so I and many others thought it was free for everyone.”

It cost the user all 2000 of their CoD Points to purchase the bundle, but weirdly, another user claimed that it only cost them 400 CoD Points: “It’s only free if you have prime gaming. I only had 400 COD points and it let me get the bundle.”

If this is the case, then the inconsistency in the system shows that the bundle is probably bugged, although Activision have yet to confirm this.

“It even stated on the final confirmation page that it was a free bundle so they better refund it,” the OP said.

There are always new Operators and Bundles to claim and, presumably, players that have been hit by this bundle bug will want to be compensated. It’s likely that this catch the attention of the devs sooner rather than later.

Image Credit: Activision

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