Warzone players call for “terrible” Clash mode to be replaced with Plunder

Joseph Pascoulis

The Warzone Season 5 Reloaded update introduced a new game mode called “Clash,” replacing Plunder. Although this may seem like an interesting game mode for the devs to introduce, players call for Plunder’s return.

The Season 5 Reloaded update introduced some new content for players to enjoy in Warzone, as well as an upcoming event called “The Numbers.”

The update also saw a new game mode replace Plunder, which saw an interesting take on the popular Team Deathmatch mode from Multiplayer on Verdansk.

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Although the devs may have thought a new game mode would keep players satisfied, it seems it has done the opposite, as some are calling for Plunder’s return.

Warzone players driving vehicle in Clash game mode

Call of Duty players have taken to Reddit to share their opinions on the new “Clash” mode, a 50 vs. 50 deathmatch on Verdansk.

Reddit user PeaceGuy420 put up a post with the caption: “Clash is terrible, would be the worst possible game mode to replace plunder.”

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Ultimately, Plunder gave players a great opportunity to level guns up, gain a good amount of XP, stay in the action, and also pick up contracts to complete. The argument is that Clash is significantly worse at helping players level up guns and gain XP and is a lot less intense and engaging when it comes to the action.

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Further, another Reddit user by the name SindraGan2001, shares a similar opinion, showing off a comparison for why Plunder is better than Clash:

PeaceGuy420 also agrees with this take on the new mode, feeling as if Clash is “A huge campfest of snipers who don’t leave buildings .” They also feel Plunder is much more fun than Clash, giving players the freedom of playing how they want to:

“There’s so much freedom in plunder vs this mode. Had a bad last game? Died too many times from an aggressive team? Cool, drop away from players and enjoying looting for the next match. Want to rack up kills and cash for the first place? Cool, drop hot and hold your ground with your team. Want camos and challenges done for your weapon? Cool, drop around storage and enjoy mini deathwatch for the entire duration of the game.”

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It seems the community really does want Plunder to return, being dissatisfied with Clash, which is why it will not be surprising to see Plunder make a return shortly, considering it is likely to rotate back in like other games modes in the past.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision

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