Warzone players call for return of fan-favorite Rebirth Island night mode

rebirth island night

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Rebirth Island alternative continues to be a popular attraction for many, and players would love Raven Software to reintroduce a night mode variation.

Many players love Rebirth Island for its Resurgence game mode that allows faster-paced gameplay, more respawning, and tense conflict. Unlike Verdansks’s generally more methodical play, whittling down 150 players across a gigantic map, Rebirth is a bit more frantic.

As such, lots of players prefer it to battle royale. It doesn’t avoid hacking or cheating, but fewer numbers and a smaller map mean less camping and more action. To expand upon the concept further, users are desperate for Raven Software to bring back the nighttime version of Rebirth Island.

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rebirth island at night

During Warzone’s brief history, the game has only experienced proper night modes on limited occasions. Verdansk went dark for Halloween with the Haunting of Verdansk, whereas Rebirth Island was lights out for one night only during the Nuke Event at the end of Season 2.

Reddit user OzixYT, and many other players believe that “They should totally bring back Rebirth Island at night!”

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During The Destruction of Verdansk, one of the events allowed players to engage in regular games of Rebirth Island, but with the novelty that it was during the night, and it allowed players to become “Destroyers of Verdansk.”

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A couple of neat suggestions from commenters said: “There is no reason that they can’t have the day and night version set to be randomly chosen,” and “They could add climate changes to the game as a whole. Not only that would force different strategies, loadouts, characters… playing amidst rain or foggy afternoon in-game would totally rock balls. Or night, sunset, snow all around.”

Given how easy it would be to implement the night option, there’s every possibility it may return in the future.

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This one simple change has already been done before, so the groundwork is already in place, and it would add greater depth and tactical awareness to an already stellar game mode.

Also, check out the amazing glitch that turned Rebirth Island into a neon disco.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software