Warzone players call for long-awaited movement change ahead of Vanguard integration

Warzone player running down a rocky road

With Call of Duty: Vanguard on the horizon, fans are eager to see the major changes coming to Warzone to coincide with its release. However, some players are calling for a change that is hardly groundbreaking but would fix a long-running frustration among the community.

The announcement of Call of Duty Vanguard has fans excited about the major changes it will bring to Warzone. Hackers are already set to be tackled with hardware bans, and many other improvements are sure to be made to the core game.

But it is a far smaller feature that many players are calling to be altered in the future. One that has been an ongoing frustration since the battle royale’s launch.

A Modern Warfare character vaulting over a barrier.Activision

One of the most confusing aspects of Warzone’s gameplay is the inability to jump over objects which on the surface, look perfectly vault-able.

Players have been scratching their heads for a long time about why their characters cannot jump over rocks and barrels.

Now, with the arrival of Vanguard content imminent, Reddit users have urged developers to fix this annoying feature in a future update. “Something so small and stupid but the amount of times I die getting stuck trying to position is incredible,” said user maybe-yeah.

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Many others replied to the post, sharing details of how the inconsistency has gotten them killed in-game, particularly in the middle of hectic shootouts.

This thread opened the door for more fans to express the minor tweaks they would like to see come to Warzone. Many of these will be familiar annoyances to long-time players.

“Can we have consistent jump through windows? Some windows you have to crouch, some you can’t get into from one of the directions,” pleaded one fan. While another added, “I just want a manual toggle on the gas mask.”

User Ditzydoodle listed multiplayer features. “Give us two different keybinds for jump and mantle, or double tap for mantle and single for jump at least,” they said. “Get rid of ground loot gun pick-up animations, nothings killed me more in a hot drop than being unable to fire while I wait for the damn thing to finish.”

With any luck, the devs will take note of the fans’ wishes when Call of Duty: Vanguard launches on November 5. Until then, for more Warzone, check out the latest patch notes for the August 20 update and the best Sniper Rifle loadouts in Season 5.

Image credits: Activision

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