Warzone players call for fix for “stuttering” issues in Season 3

Liam Mackay
Warzone Season 3 packet loss

Warzone players have experienced severe “stuttering” and lag since the Season 3 update, and are calling for the issue to be fixed.

While Warzone’s Verdansk ’84 has been a breath of fresh air for Call of Duty’s battle royale, it’s come with its own set of problems. Invisible buildings have destroyed helicopters mid-air, and players found their way under the map for cheap kills.

Raven Software is still working out the kinks with the new map, such as patching the remaining under the map exploits, but players have also reported performance issues.

Since Warzone Season 3 launched with Verdansk ’84, a large number of players have reported lag and “stutter” affecting their games of Warzone.

Warzone players dropping into Verdansk 84

If you’ve been experiencing lag, stuttering, and rubber banding since Warzone’s Season 3 update, recent complaints in the community make it unlikely to be a problem on your end.

Reddit user nalb1221 posted to the Warzone subreddit detailing issues lag/stutter since the Season 3 update. They described how they “could be running through a door then be across the street in the blink of an eye,” or be dropping in then they’re suddenly dead on the ground. nalb1221 reported this issue on PS5 and asked if anyone else was experiencing the same problem.

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Their sentiment was echoed in the replies with the comments section filled with players saying their game has been freezing and stuttering since the new season. Some have said it happens most often during firefights, but the issue appears to affect all aspects of Warzone.

Activision has acknowledged players encountering these issues in the past and created a guide for fixing lag and improving in-game performance. However, they are yet to address the fresh reports of connection issues.

Some players have reported that restarting their router has fixed the problem, but others reported no success after doing so. It’s always worth using a wired connection when possible, but if this issue is widespread, it’s unlikely to be a permanent fix.

PC players in the comments also noted that they have seen a huge drop in frames per second since the beginning of Season 3. There are a plethora of things that could be causing this drop in FPS, but you can check out our guide on how to fix low FPS issues in Season 3 to see if any solutions help.

Image Credit: Activision

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