Warzone players beg for stronger nerfs to “no recoil” FARA 83

Liam Mackay
Warzone Naga Operator using FARA 83

Although the June 30 patch has been reverted, Warzone players had a few hours to try out the nerfed FARA 83 and felt that there wasn’t enough done to rein in the extremely popular Assault Rifle.

Buffs to barrel attachments in Warzone Season 4 has catapulted the FARA 83 to the top of the pack. Although designed to be a long-range AR, with the right attachments, it has almost no recoil. Players of all skill levels favor it, with it being the most popular weapon in Season 4, hitting an almost 20% pick rate.

Raven Software were aware that the weapon was too easy to use, which has gone against their recent mission to raise the skill gap. So, they “slightly” increased the recoil on the FARA 83 in the June 30 update. That patch had to be reverted due to “ongoing issues,” but players had roughly nine hours to try out the nerf – and they were left disappointed.

FARA 83 Assault Rifle in Warzone

Warzone players have complained that Cold War’s weapons are overshadowing Modern Warfare’s, in large part due to their almost non-existent recoil. Raven Software acknowledged this problem in the June 30 patch notes, saying that recoil was so low that there was “hardly any room left to master the control of these Weapons.” 

To combat this, the FARA 83 and C58 had their “recoil increased slightly” and several barrels had their recoil control feature nerfed. However, players don’t feel that this was enough to rein in the extremely popular FARA 83.

Reddit user singhthering posted a video of the FARA 83’s recoil post-nerf, saying, “The ‘nerf’ to the FARA 83 did absolutely nothing to it, we need more raven!”

In the accompanying video, we can see how easy it was to control the FARA’s simple recoil pattern. Some criticized the testing method, saying they’re too close to their target, but most agreed that the FARA still feels the same.

Warzone content creator JGOD echoed their sentiment, tweeting that he can definitely feel the recoil nerf on the C58, but the FARA “a little less so.” He concluded that “Both are still pretty easy to use at med-long range.”

Raven Software were actually aware that the FARA might still be powerful, adding in the patch notes that, “Even after these changes, we understand that there may still be incredibly effective and easy to control Weapons when enough Recoil Control is applied through attachments.”

Although Raven Software will be busy with fixing whatever issue caused the patch to be rolled back, they may be able to take on players’ feedback and give the weapons a further tweak before setting the update live again.

In the meantime, you can check out Season 4’s best Assault Rifle loadouts, as the weapons will remain just as powerful until the patch is reapplied.

Image Credit: Activision

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