Warzone players beg devs to change “worst” Gulag yet

Nathan Warby

Warzone players have called on Raven Software to change the current Gulag introduced in Season 3, slamming it as the “worst iteration” yet.

The Gulag is one of the many features that sets Warzone apart from its competitors like Fortnite and Apex Legends. A final chance to return to the action after dying by winning a one vs one battle against another fallen player.

Raven likes to shake up the Gulag from time to time, and Warzone Season 3 did just that by introducing the “Hold,” a new close-range arena set in a ship.

Everyone has their favorite and least favorite Gulag but Hold has received plenty of criticism since it was added, and with a new season on the horizon, players have begged the devs to make a change.

Warzone Gulag

Redditor ILewdElichika posted calling Hold the “worst iteration by far,” claiming it promoted camping as opposed to pushing the opponent.

Another player, yaya__dinero replied saying: “You mean putting 5 different head glitches/things to camp behind is a terrible idea? Who could’ve guessed!”

The OP also asked why the devs moved away from the first Gulag design, which was set in the showers of a prison with very little cover.

“Honestly it confuses me as to why they ever deviated from the original Gulag that had a simple layout but worked extremely well, I feel like it was a needless change for simply the sake of changing something so it felt ‘new,'” they said.

Players have noted that it’s nearly impossible to listen for footsteps in the Gulag, making it tough to pinpoint where the enemy is. The area also has very little in the way of lighting, which only adds to the confusion.

“I can barely hear or see people,” said Lucky_Excitement, with boodabomb replying: “Here’s my issue. Too f*****g dark.”

Other players felt that the Hold is simply too big for what is supposed to be a quick showdown, as it has multiple lanes to navigate.

Players usually have to wait multiple seasons before a new Gulag is introduced, but there’s no doubt that Hold is one of the most universally disliked so far.

We’ll have to wait and see if Raven looks to revamp the Gulag once again in Warzone Season 4, or if they solve some of the frustrations that players have expressed.

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