Warzone players are concerned about “Roze 2.0” Season 3 skin

Andrew Highton
cod warzone season 3 wraith roze

Whilst the original Roze skin may no longer be an issue in Warzone, Season 3 has introduced a familiar-feeling skin that could cause more issues in Warzone, leaving players worried.

The word “Roze” put fear into many Warzone players during Season 2. The “pay-to-win” skin was a constant nuisance thanks to its all-black aesthetic blending into Verdansk’s darkness and shadows. After months of complaints, Raven Software finally decided enough was enough and promised a nerf to the skin.

But just as it seems like the problem may be fixed, an incoming Operator may be about to throw another spanner into the works. The new Wraith skin shares many of the same properties that have left players feeling helpless in CoD: Warzone Season 2.

cod warzone roze skin

Call of Duty Twitter page ModernWarzone posted a brief video providing a quick look at four new Operators that players will be able to select to use in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3.

Of the four, one sticks out like a sore thumb, and it’s not the heroic return of Captain Price. It’s the potentially problematic nature of Wraith as the skin sports the same colors that made Roze so troublesome.

Wraith’s outfit consists of a full black, wet-look suit, with similarly-colored holsters and straps. The key difference between Roze and Wraith is the head.

Unlike Roze, Wraith isn’t masked and has distinctive blond hair. But depending on the scenario, location, and lighting at the time, there’s every chance that Wraith will be just as indistinguishable as Roze has proven to be on many occasions.

In response to the video, several users commented on the potential to cause problems with the skin. Gazi said, “Wow, Roze 2.0 clown devs.” Whereas GraemaShadbolt said, “I can already tell that Wraith is the new Roze…”

Until Wraith is used in-game, it’s hard to say how Roze-like Wraith will turn out to be in Warzone Season 3. We shall have to wait and see.

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Image credits: Activision