Warzone player wins match using a dance mat

Joseph Pascoulis

A Warzone player has shown exceptional skills in using a dance mat to play the battle royale and even get a victory.

Usually, Warzone players will choose between using a controller or mouse and keyboard when it comes to inputs. This is sometimes determined by the platform you are playing, whether it’s a console or PC.

However, some gamers like to defy the standards and use unique inputs to test their skills. One Warzone player has gone as far as using a dance mat, which has produced surprising results in Season 4.

warzone pacific season 4 caldera map changes

Warzone player and Twitch streamer NianfoFR took on the challenge of using a dance mat to play the battle royale on stream, attempting to get a victory on Caldera.

The player used the dance mat for various inputs, including actions like crouching, jumping, reloading, and even putting armor on. The main use of the dance mat is the directional pads, which of course allow the player to move in the direction they wish.

Using this dance mat to move around must have taken some time to get used to, let alone also using it to perform other actions in-game.

To aim and shoot the player uses a mouse with his right arm, using his legs to do everything else. This must have taken a lot of dedication, skill, and effort, which isn’t going unnoticed, as the official Call of Duty account commented with mind-blown emojis under his post.

The player completes the challenge by getting a victory with the dance mat, which is probably the world’s first.

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Image Credits: Activision / NianfoFR

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