Warzone player shows off incredibly powerful aim assist through a rooftop

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone aim assist

Warzone’s Season 3 Reloaded is finally here, but one players has found an exploit that allows shots to hit through a rooftop with the help of aim assist.

Warzone’s season 3 Reloaded is finally here, introducing Nakatomi Plaza, Power Grab LTM, and operators John McClane and John Rambo.

Although the release of the update has been pretty smooth so far, it seems one player has found an interesting exploit with aim assist.

warzone aim assist

Warzone’s new update introduced a variety of updates and changes in the patch notes, including some weapon buffs and nerfs.

One thing Raven Software have overlooked, however, is an aim assist exploit which allows players to shoot people through a rooftop with the help of some unwarrented aim assist.

The Reddit user, ThePizzaCook, says:

“I think aim assist is busted I was able to get it through the roof of this building. It would give me a slight drag while not ads. I started blindly shooting until I got hit markers, this should NOT be a thing.”

The video shows ThePizaaCook getting strong aim assist through the roof of a building in Verdansk. This is clearly not right and will hopefully be addressed soon.

It looks like this is another example of how strong aim assist can be for controller players, which is sure to be complained about by those on mouse and keyboard.

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Image Credits: Activision/Raven

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