Warzone player has loot stolen by teammate and gets revenge in hilarious way

Andrew Highton

Having your well-earned loot taken by a “teammate” is so annoying, which is why one Warzone player wasn’t going to take this action lightly. They respond brilliantly to the crime and dish out revenge in the best way possible.

There’s no one around, you’ve managed to stumble across the lands of Verdansk or Rebirth Island, completed a Contract, and your reward arrives, a Loot Box. You’re preparing yourself for a possible Legendary weapon or some other useful assortment of goodies that can see you home to victory…and then it’s nabbed by your selfish teammate.

All your hard work and excitement is flushed down the toilet quicker than it takes them to put on your rightful armor plates. If this sounds familiar, then you will relate to the video we have in store for you today. Infinity Ward’s Warzone is the time and place, now get ready to watch the crime.

character attacking in cod warzone

Warzone player gets Loot Box revenge

Our act of retribution comes from Reddit user just-here-2-par-t who posted the clip with the vengefully named title “that wasn’t yours to keep”.

The featured clip involves a betrayed player, a crook, and a helicopter that will become the focal point of the revenge plot. After trying to claim their Contract rewards, our player is blindsided and has their haul claimed by their teammate.

It does appear that our user tries to abandon them at first, but their teammate still manages to clamber onto the helicopter anyway.

Our player gets up a full head of steam with the chopper’s rotary blades spinning at a high rate. They then fly full-speed towards the side of a building and their intentions quickly become clear, and hilarious.

They leap out of the helicopter and parachute to safety, whilst the traitorous teammate is forced to remain in the vehicle that collides with the building and explodes, killing the thief. Our player completes their revenge and reclaims all the goods that were wrongfully taken from them.

This is the kind of video for people that have had this happen to them and have never been able to do anything about it. Watch it, enjoy it, and then watch it again.

Image credits: Infinity Ward