Warzone player finds “200 IQ” Trophy System trick to counter campers

Liam Mackay
Trophy System in Warzone Pacific

Trophy Systems are great for deflecting incoming explosives, but a Warzone player has found an unusual use for the Field Upgrade that’s been called a “200 IQ play.”

Warzone has been out for almost two years now, but players are still finding new ways to adapt and improve. A player recently used the Loadout Drop HUD icon to conceal themselves and win the game, but now a player has found the perfect way to counter campers.

There’s nothing worse than trying to push up to an enemy who’s pre-aiming a corner, but it turns out you can use a “200 IQ” Trophy System trick to create the perfect distraction.

Warzone big bertha with trophy system

Reddit user ‘DefunctHunk_COD‘ shared the clever Warzone trick, revealing: “The enemy baited me with a Trophy System. 200 IQ play.”

DefunctHunk_COD was pre-aiming the stairs on the south side of Rebirth Island’s Prison. But they don’t survive long, as the enemy throws a Trophy System round the corner first, and the Reddit user took the bait.

Distracted, they shot the Trophy which allowed the enemies to jump around the corner safe in the knowledge that the Redditor was aiming in the wrong place. This split-second allowed them to win the gunfight with ease.

“Dude’s on another level wow,” said one impressed player. “I would’ve fell for that too I can’t even lie,” said another.

We’re unsure if this was a stroke of genius or a lucky accident, but it can be easily replicated by players of all skill levels. Simply throw a Trophy System into a room first to divert the enemy’s attention, and then immediately follow it for a quick and easy kill.

We don’t recommend doing this with Armor Boxes or Ammunition Crates though, as their explosive nature will only benefit the enemy.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software