Warzone player discovers how to open secret room in Fortune’s Keep easter egg

Nathan Warby
Warzone Fortune's Keep

It’s been months since the Fortune’s Keep map arrived in Warzone, but players have uncovered an easter egg that opens a secret room that is usually locked.

When Fortune’s Keep came to Warzone Pacific way back in Season 4, it quickly became a fan-favorite map among the community. Many even felt that it was better than Rebirth Island, which had been incredibly popular up until that point.

It was so well received that it’s now part of a map rotation with Rebirth Island in Warzone’s Resurgence playlist, and players have spent the last few months learning Fortune’s Keep inside and out.

But Warzone maps are always jam-packed full of secrets and easter eggs for creative players to discover, and the latest discovery on Fortune’s Keep opens the door to a secret room.

A Reddit user shared a clip that showed their team messing around inside a building, and the player threw a throwing knife at a dartboard at the top of the stairs. The knife hits the bullseye, and the player is met with a message from the announcer that says: “That’s one less loose end.”

The player is understandably confused after going to retrieve their knife, asking: What the f**k was that?” Their squadmates then replied saying that they hadn’t heard the voice line, presumably because they weren’t the ones to hit the bullseye.

It doesn’t take long for them to realize that a door next to the dart board that couldn’t be accessed previously is now wide open. On top of realizing they opened the door with their Throwing Knife, they headed inside to find a host of rare loot to pick up.

For those looking to track down this Warzone easter egg for themselves, the OP also provided a description of where to find the building in question.

“In the town, near the buy station closest to the graveyard, there’s a two-story building. It overlooks the little fountain/plaza area. If you throw a knife at the dartboard and hit the bullseye, it opens up a secret room.”

Many Warzone players will have spent dozens of hours in Fortune’s Keep in recent months and will no doubt know the map like the back of their hand. So, it’s always cool when little secrets like this hidden by the developers come to light.

Hopefully, even more easter eggs are uncovered across all three maps before Warzone 2.0 launches.

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