Warzone player demonstrates why you should avoid Nebula V Rounds

Luca Di Marzo
Nebula V ammo Warzone

Warzone’s Nebula V Rounds are a true double-edged sword as they will take down your enemies while leaving you exposed to traces of toxic gas nearby.

Warzone Season 2 introduced a fair number of new gameplay additions including Bomber Planes, Redeploy Balloons, and Nebula V Rounds Field Upgrade. The brand new Field Upgrade is designed to emit a poisonous gas cloud when an Operator is downed by them.

This new mechanic makes it increasingly difficult for enemies to revive downed teammates during tense gunfights. However, players must approach Nebula V Rounds with caution as your own poisonous gas can send both you and your enemy to the Gulag.

Warzone Operator with AK-47

Nebula V Rounds are not common across Caldera as the Field Upgrade can be found in small quantities. The Field Upgrade can appear in chests, floor loot, and Supply Drops but your best bet to secure Nebula V Rounds would be to head to the underground Chemical Weapon Research Labs.

A Reddit user by the name of 209traplord posted a clip to the Warzone subreddit warning players to stay away from their own poisonous gas caused by Nebula V Rounds.

As you can see, the player is done in by his very own Nebula V Rounds. The title of this post misleadingly hints that a Gas Mask would save the player but as we know from the Warzone Season 2 blog post that is false, “because the gas cloud’s short duration and small damage, Gas Masks will not trigger.”

Unfortunately, it seems as though it is best to avoid using Nebula V Rounds when partaking in close-quarters gunfights. This means that Nebula V Rounds should not be equipped to your SMG.

As one comment put it, “They are best used in a ranged weapon. It stops enemies from plating and keeps them from getting a quick res off if you down one and decide to push.”

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Image Credit: Activision

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