Warzone player claims data proves streamers get easier lobbies than us

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As much as Warzone is a test of player skill, there’s no denying that some lobbies are easier than others. One player who started collecting data on various matches has now claimed that streamers actually get easier lobbies than the average player.

When it comes to Warzone, many of us turn to streamers to pick up helpful tips, or sometimes just for sheer entertainment. For a lot of fans watching a full-time gamer is the best way to see the game being played at the highest level.

But according to one Warzone player in a since-removed post, streamers are being placed in easier lobbies than the average gamer – and they’ve collected data to back up the claim.

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This is a discussion that has going on for some time now, and streamers themselves have spoken about getting into easier lobbies.

JGOD has found in the past that playing in the morning makes lobbies less difficult, and JackFrags has also said previously that he will only play early in the day.

Reddit user Quaisy began using cod.tracker.gg to compare their matches to top streamers, after becoming tired at the amount of “sweaty” lobbies they were put in.

They discovered that based on the average K/D ratio of each lobby, streamers seemed to be getting “easier” games than the average player.

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To prove this theory, they created a spreadsheet of the last 64 games of Warzone that they, a few random players, small streamers, and big streamers have played. They explained their findings in a now-removed post.

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Each player was ranked from lowest to highest K/D, and each match was given a difficulty rating based on the average K/D of the entire lobby. Quaisy described the results as “infuriating.”

The data highlighted a clear correlation between the notoriety of the streamer and the number of easier matches they were given.

In 64 matches, Quasie themselves only had three lobbies with less than 1.1 K/D, whereas the likes of JackFrags and Tfue had 50 and 41 respectively.

Factors like individual K/D or win rate didn’t appear to affect the lobbies that players were placed in. Smaller streamer JustLawlyTTV, who had a K/D of 7.93 and a 62.7 win percentage, was still given 13 harder games than HusKerrs, who had 4.72 K/D and a 15.9% win rate.

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The only big outlier in the data was streamer ScummN, who only played in 10 easier lobbies under 1.1 K/D across the 64 matches. The user also noted that solo games tended to have lower K/Ds, which could affect the data.

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Quasie added that while seeing players with much higher stats being given so many easier games was “demoralizing”, they don’t blame the streamers for the issue.

Instead, they hinted that Activision or Raven may have somehow “tagged” notorious streamers to give them priority lobbies. However, there is no concrete evidence at the moment to back up these claims.

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