Warzone Pacific Season 2: Redeploy Balloon locations & how to use them

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone caldera redeploy balloons

In order to help players get around Caldera much easier in Warzone Pacific Season 2, the devs have decided to implement Redeploy Balloons on the map.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 is bringing loads of new changes to the game. As well as various bug fixes and buffs and nerfs, the new update will also bring changes to Caldera.

Caldera is getting a makeover after a fairly disappointing first season, with players unhappy about how difficult it was to travel across the map. Luckily, the devs seem to have been working hard on improving travel on Caldera by introducing new Redeploy Balloons.

Here is what you need to know about Redeploy Balloons including how they work and their locations.

How to use the Redeploy Balloons on Caldera

Warzone Pacific Season 2 redeploy balloon

Redeploy Balloons are a new feature on Caldera that allows players to reposition quickly and efficiently. They work very similar to Apex Legends’ Jump Towers, as all the player must do is simply hook onto the rope, get to the top and skydive off in the desired direction.

Hooking onto the Redeploy Balloon is exactly the same as using a Zipline/Grapple, so players will be familiar with this mechanic.

Once you reach the top of the rope, you will be sent flying off in the direction that you are facing, so make sure you are paying attention, as you’ll be surprised with how fast the redeploy is. Pull your parachute before you reach your destination to avoid an early Gulag visit!

One thing that players will want to keep in mind is that while you are grappling up this Redeploy Balloon, you are vulnerable to shots. Further, they can also be destroyed and repaired for cash. Keep an eye on rotation and make sure you can either stop players from using them or have enough time and cash to repair them so you don’t get caught in the zone.

Warzone Pacific Redeploy Balloon locations

Warzone's Peak POI

Redeploy Balloons are all over the place on Caldera and can be found easily through the map, as they have their own icon.

Most notably, these Balloons can be found around Peak, Airfield, and Runway. These locations are all very spread out from each other, so the idea is that players will be able to move up and down the map with ease by using these Redeploy Balloons.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision

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