Warzone Pacific Season 2 Nebula V Bomb explained

Luca Di Marzo
Nebula V Bomb Warzone

Nebula V Bombs have the potential to alter the way Warzone is played as these rare items have arrived to shake up Season 2.

Slowly but surely, Caldera has undergone some drastic changes with the arrival of Season 2. Since the start of the new season, players have been able to test out the new Redeploy Balloons as well as the new Portable Decontamination Station Field Upgrade.

Now, Warzone Pacific players will have Armored Transport Vehicles and Nebula V Bombs to contend with. Here’s everything you need to know about Nebula V Bombs including what they do and where to find them.

What is a Nebula V Bomb in Warzone

Nebula V Bomb Warzone

If used correctly Nebula V Bombs have the potential to change the way Warzone is played. These powerful items can be activated much like a player would plant a Search & Destroy bomb in CoD multiplayer.

Once activated a countdown will begin, indicating when the toxic gas explosion is set to hit. When the counter hits zero a massive explosion will erupt causing a cloud of toxic gas to emit from the bomb’s original location. The initial blast will also deal a high amount of damage.

Players will be able to see the blast radius as well as the growing gas circle on the minimap. The toxic gas circle acts much like the circle collapse in Warzone and anyone inside of it whether friend or foe will take damage.

The gas radius grows significantly which means you’ll want to get moving once the Nebula V Bomb is armed. The smartest way to use this against your enemies is as an area denial tool.

You could essentially trap your opponents with the bomb’s gas, as players without a Gas Mask or P.D.S have no hope of surviving. This convenient tool becomes deadly when you place it between players and the circle collapse. You can see how Warzone content creator
Sally Is a Dog uses it in a new video found above.

Both areas of toxic gas will combine to prevent players from escaping with ease. You can set up traps along their safe routes of escape and pick up easy kills. Ultimately, Nebula V Bombs are influential tools that add another layer of strategy to Caldera positioning.

Where to find Nebula V Bombs across Caldera

Armored Transport Truck Warzone

Although there is some confusion as to the location of Nebula V Bombs across Caldera we can confirm that one of these rare items will drop if you destroy an Armored Transport Truck.

Before you take on these heavy-duty vehicles you can check out our guide on how to destroy Armored Transport Trucks. In addition, several players are reporting that you can find Nebula V Bombs inside chests as extremely rare items however the chances are slim.

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