Warzone Pacific Season 2 delivers much-needed buff to weapon XP

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone weapon XP buff Season 2

Throughout Warzone Pacific Season 1, players complained about the incredibly slow XP progression speed which made leveling up weapons a tiresome task. Thankfully, the XP progression speed has received a buff through the Warzone Season 2 update.

It didn’t take long for players to realize that leveling up Vanguard weapons in Warzone would require a considerable commitment due to the slow XP progression speed in Season 1. Players were disappointed to discover that they couldn’t test new weapons with optimal attachments as quickly as they’d like.

Thankfully, the devs answered calls to eliminate this issue in Warzone Pacific Season 2 by increasing weapon XP progression speed.

Warzone Season 2 key art

You may have wondered why Double XP events were incredibly frequent throughout Warzone Pacific Season 1. These events were likely a temporary fix to combat the slower than usual XP progression experienced by players.

Warzone fans will be pleased to hear that a permanent solution has been issued by the devs, which will see players benefit from a buff to XP progression speed.

There’s no doubt that this will make it easier for players to expand their arsenal of preferred weapons. More often than not, players require attachments unlocked at high levels to build the ideal Warzone loadout.

An increase in XP progression speed should result in a more diverse weapon meta as players will need to invest less time to get their weapons up to the highest standard.

This will make leveling up the new Whitley LMG and KG M40 Assault Rifle much more enjoyable. After the Cooper Carbine and Welgun dominated as new weapons in Season 1, the Whitley and KG M40 have the potential to do the same in Season 2.

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