Warzone Pacific players are already furious with “annoying” new Nebula V Gas Ammo

Hamza Khalid
Warzone Operator using Nebula V Ammo

Raven Software are adding the brand-new Nebula V Gas Ammo in Warzone Pacific Season 2, and players are already labeling the Field Upgrade as “annoying.

Warzone Pacific players will be treated to a plethora of new content with the arrival of the Season 2 update, including new vehicles like Bomber Planes and Armored Tanks, as well as some Caldera map changes.

The new season will also bring a brand-new Field Upgrade known as Nebula V Ammo that can unleash a poisonous gas cloud to deal bonus damage to its targets, but this addition is already being criticized by players.

Vanguard and Warzone Season 2 key art

Warzone’s Nebula V Ammo is capable of dishing out poison damage to enemies, and any teammates that attempt to revive them will also start taking damage over time to their health and gas mask duration.

While this Field Upgrade isn’t in the game yet, it’s already worrying players, with Reddit user ‘pubgisDEAD’ criticizing it in the Warzone subreddit, claiming that it sounds “more annoying than fire ammo.”

Many users shared this sentiment, slamming the developers for adding a Field Upgrade that deals damage to players simply attempting to revive their teammates, and one player labeled it as a “pointless thing to add.”

A few others were amused by this addition, with one commenter jokingly stating: “Just wait until Easter Bunny Krampus shows up and starts chucking gas-filled eggs at your team in the final circle.”

One user speculated that this ammo is connected to Season 2’s gas mask animation change: “Could you imagine going to revive a downed teammate but before you start the revive, you have to go through the gas mask animation?”

Another commenter showed more enthusiasm for the Nebula V Ammo: “It is a nice feature if can be counter-measured by a gas mask. Now people finally use their money in more diverse ways.”

It remains to be seen how this new Field Upgrade will perform in the actual game, and players might respond more positively to it once Warzone Pacific Season 2 finally arrives.

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Image Credit: Raven Software

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