Warzone Pacific player wins miraculously by spending entire match in plane

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone Pacific fighter planes

A Warzone player has defied the odds by winning a match while spending the match flying around in a Fighter Plane above Caldera.

Warzone Pacific didn’t just bring new weapons to the battle royale, it also brought new vehicles. Although the classic Vehicles from Verdansk are still available on Caldera through the standard battle royale mode, playing Vanguard Royale will give you access to Vanguard vehicles.

One of these new modes of transport is the Fighter Plane, which one player decided to spend an entire match in, gaining a substantial amount of kills while doing so.

warzone pacific fighter plane

Reddit user LordTexugo is the player responsible for this impressive feat in Warzone Pacific Season 1. They made it their mission to attempt to win a match by spending most of the match up in the skies with a Fighter Plane.

Despite the odds, the player manages to succeed, resulting in some interesting gameplay and a pretty hilarious end.

Although the player does have to eventually get out and kill the last remaining solo, it’s still impressive that they were able to get all the way until the last player. They aren’t passive in the plane during the match either, as they actually manage to rack up 20 total kills using the plane’s machine gun.

One thing that is great is the flying technique to stay within the zone and eventually jup out at the end, which is something that Wade Jackson from the Vanguard campaign will no doubt be proud of.

wade jackson vanguard operator

One user in the comments even said: “I rarely watch videos all the way through to the end on this sub, but I watched all 7 minutes and 53 seconds of this incredible content. Refreshing to see something besides b******* about Krampus and FOV (validated bitching but tired of it nonetheless).”

It’s great to see players being so creative and finding new ways to tackle Warzone. Perhaps this will inspire others in the community to take the challenge and try it for themselves.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software / Sledgehammer Games

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