Warzone Pacific October 6 patch notes: UGM-8 nerf & bug fixes

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Warzone Pacific October 6 patch notes

Raven Software brought a new Warzone update on October 6 that nerfed the UGM-8 along with a few other weapons, while also addressing some frustrating bugs. Here are the full Warzone October 6 update patch notes.

Warzone Pacific players have been exploring the changes that arrived in Season 5 Reloaded and it was confirmed that this would be the last major update of the game before the release of Warzone 2.0.

However, Raven Software wanted to implement a few weapon balance updates and bug fixes ahead of the sequel’s arrival. The October 6 update brought notable changes, and we’ve got the full patch notes.

Weapon nerfs in Warzone Pacific October 6 update

Four guns received nerfs in the October 6 update, starting with the UGM-8 which had its minimum damage reduced from 22 to 21. The weapon was already nerfed in Season 5 Reloaded but experts like JGOD still consider it meta.

The Lienna 57 LMG’s upper torso damage multiplier was brought down to 1.0, and its minimum damage was decreased to 24. The Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle received a nerf to its bullet velocity and the Armaguerra 43 SMG had its minimum damage reduced in this Warzone update.

Warzone Pacific October 6 update patch notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the BP50 (VG) Completionist Camo Challenges to not appear.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Zombies Camo tab to not appear for the BP50 (VG).
  • Fixed an issue causing Loadouts to fall through the ground near Peak.
  • Fixed an issue causing Loadouts to be launched into the air when shot with a Rocket 
  • Launcher.
  • Fixed an issue causing some Weapon Rarities to be incorrect.


Assault Rifles

UGM-8 (VG)

  • Min Damage decreased to 21, down from 22

Light Machine Guns

Lienna 57 (VG)

  • Upper Torso Damage Multiplier Decreased to 1.0, down from 1.05
  • Min Damage Decreased to 24, down from 27

Sniper Rifles

Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (VG)

  • Bullet Velocity decreased to 900, down from 980

Submachine Guns

Armaguerra 43 (VG)

  • Min Damage decreased to 21, down from 23

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