Warzone Pacific dev responds to low FPS issues on Xbox Series X|S consoles

Liam Mackay
Vehicles driving through Warzone Caldera

Warzone’s Pacific update appears to have reverted the Xbox Series X|S consoles’ 120 FPS mode, forcing players to play Caldera at 60Hz. Now, a senior Raven Software developer has responded to the issue.

FPS is an ever-important statistic in shooters, where high frames-per-second will improve your reaction time and make the game feel smoother and more pleasant to play.

Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 consoles can run Warzone at 120 FPS – double the 60 FPS that PS4s and Xbox Ones can handle. However, it appears that the Warzone Pacific Season 1 update removed the 120FPS feature from Xbox Series consoles, and now a senior developer has responded to the issue.

Warzone pacific caldera Capital POI

Xbox players have become extremely frustrated with the issue, and one player brought up the issue to Raven Software’s Creative Director Ted Timmins.

Daniel Hart said that they can no longer get 120 FPS while playing on the Xbox Series X and asked Timmins if the team are aware of it and if there will be a fix.

“I play on Xbox Series X too so I’m in the same boat,” responded Timmins. “Team is aware but I’ll find out why it’s not on the Trello board.”

Raven Software has a Trello board full of Warzone’s known bugs and issues, as well as their status. Although Timmins confirmed the team is aware, the Xbox Series X performance issue hasn’t been listed yet, but it sounds like it should be on there.

He also said that “Our comms team work super hard to keep our players updated for what is a very fluid and busy time right now.”

There’s no release window for when we can expect to see the frame rate fix, but we’re likely to have a better idea of its progress if it’s added to the Warzone Trello board.

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Image Credit: Activision