Warzone Pacific Caldera has the perfect counter to zipline campers

Zipline in Warzone pacific

It’s frustrating to get killed by a camper after reaching the end of a zipline in Warzone, but there’s a trick involving the new Gasoline Can that can help you counter this tactic.

There is plenty of new content for Warzone players to enjoy in the new Caldera map. One of the newest additions is a Gasoline Can that you can lite on fire before throwing at enemies.

This functions similarly to the Thermite Grenades and Molotov Cocktails that we’re accustomed to in CoD titles. Now, a few players have discovered how to use it to counter campers at the top of ziplines.

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Warzone Gas Can

How to counter campers with the Warzone Gasoline Can

One particularly frustrating issue faced by Warzone players is campers waiting for them after they soar up a zipline. However, you can get the upper hand on them with the use of the Gasoline Can.

Reddit user ‘UnusualGenePool’ showcased how you can use this item to clear out ziplines before using them. This will eliminate your enemies at the other end so that you can travel safely.

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Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Light a Gasoline Can at the base of the zipline
  2. Press the interact button
  3. Send it up the zipline towards the camper at the top
  4. Wait for it to explode before travelling up the zipline yourself

Even if this doesn’t kill the enemy, it provides you the opportunity you need to get up there and take out your opponent yourself without having to worry about being instantly gunned down.

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Since the blast radius isn’t particularly large, it only clears the immediate area at the top of the zipline. So, it might be as effective against multiple enemies if they all have the top covered.

That said, this is still a useful trick and you should take advantage of it the next time to jump into the Warzone Pacific map. This will guarantee you a much safer ride up the zipline if you expect competition at the top.

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Image credits: Raven Software