Warzone MAC-10 Blueprint makes SMG 30% more powerful than base gun

Andrew Highton
mac-10 pay to win cod bocw warzone

The topic of “pay-to-win” has reared its ugly head once more in Call of Duty as Warzone’s Mac-10 appears to have a special Blueprint that boosts its killing potential by 30%. But the only way to unlock the overpowered Gallantry skin is to buy the game’s Battle Pass.

The last decade or so has seen a huge leap forward for gaming in terms of graphics, imagination, and scope. But it’s also ushered in the sour era of microtransactions, DLC, and other moneymaking practices.

Lots of online games now use the Battle Pass/Seasons model and this naturally brings in lots of extra revenues for companies. But Activision Blizzard seems to be rewarding players for investing in their Battle Pass by offering the chance to make their Mac-10 even more destructive and powerful with an exclusive Blueprint.

mac-10 gallantry blueprint in cod bocw warzone

Mac-10 Gallantry Blueprint in Warzone

Since its introduction into Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, the Mac-10 has become the instigator of many high killstreaks and the source of much rage.

Once you’ve added a few key attachments to this rapid monster, you can easily create an accurate machine capable of lasering any enemy from pretty much any distance. But you can go one step further and increase the weapon’s base damage by simply equipping a Blueprint.

Blueprints are pre-set loadouts for a gun, but with an incredibly detailed skin, and Tier 95 of the Battle Pass rewards the player with the Gallantry Blueprint for the Mac-10. It was believed that these only made the gun look aesthetically more pleasing, but a darker truth has been discovered.

Popular YouTuber JGOD has been doing some digging and discovered that the Gallantry Blueprint actually increases the Mac-10’s damage threefold. He performs a series of different tests to ascertain the gun’s actual DPS and how it reacts to different parts of the body.

It seems like the MAC-10 does increased damage to every part of the body, and more specifically the head, chest, and stomach of the enemy.

This realization, with evidence to support it, is most likely to cause a community backlash given how unfavorably pay-to-win elements are usually looked down upon. The belief is that consumers who’ve already bought the game shouldn’t have to spend even more money so that they can compete with other players online.

There’s been no reaction from the developers yet to comment on these findings, and given that Call of Duty has had pay-to-win weapons before, it seems unlikely that much will be done.

Image credits: Activision Blizzard

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