Warzone Loadout Cards challenge is the perfect way to spice up Verdansk ’84

Andrew Highton
warzone loadout challenge

The new Loadout Cards challenge is being commended for bringing some variety and originality to CoD: Warzone. Here’s how you too can play it in Verdansk ’84.

Warzone can feel a bit samey if you rigidly stick to the same loadout in every game you play, and sometimes it’s fun to freshen things up for a change of pace.

This is why some fun Loadout Cards could be about to add a touch of skill to casual games, and maybe for streamers like Dr Disrespect and NICKMERCS too.

Here’s how you can play:

Loadout Cards challenge in Warzone

cod warzone operators gameplay

The ingenious idea is the brainchild of Reddit user Davfallamew who decided to make “Loadout Cards for my Squad to randomly pick and setup before each match for added challenge and additional depth to Warzone.”

We’ve previously seen other fun variations of Warzone, such as Warzone Strat Roulette and the Warzone random drop generator. Still, the Loadout Cards challenge goes one step further and even has some stylish cards thrown into the mix.

Warzone Loadout Cards Challenge

Technician Card

warzone loadout technician card

The Technician card is a real advocate of gadgets and technology. But the major plus side to it is the selection of Launchers to pick from. With Big Berthas and helicopters roaming Verdansk, you’ll be more than able to take them down.

Pursuer Card

The Pursuer is all about remaining undetected and hunting your prey. With a Shotgun and Pistol as your main weapons to engage, you need to make use of the Tracker perk, along with Snapshot grenades. Do that, and your victim will be dead in seconds thanks to fast and furious weapons like the Sykov and Diamatti.

Demolition Card

Whereas Demolition doesn’t care much for secrecy, it’s all-out warfare. Armed with a Launcher, an LMG, and Perks designed to replenish and repel explosives, you will become a walking Rambo.

Medic Card

Better suited to Trios or Quads, your job is to focus on your team and support them as a healer. Tune Up, and Quick Fix will be immense in achieving this, and if you need to get your hands dirty, then a deadly SMG loadout and something lethal like the Wakazashi Sword will do wonders in close quarters.

Marksman Card

Warzone Loadout Cards

A fun, long-range specialist Loadout Card that will test your aim and precision. Stamp your authority on a position with a Claymore to deter would-be backstabbers, and observe the lands with a zoomed-in Assault Rifle, or pop some heads with an HDR or AX-50.

The Loadouts feel like time-honored Battlefield classes catering to specific needs. So give them a whirl and see how you do!

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software / Davfallamew

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