Warzone Intel Guide – Outside Influence

Nicholas Sakadelis

Here’s a guide for the 11th set of Warzone Intel – Outside Influence.

Warzone’s 11th Intel set is out and is the most confusing one to date. Two of the intel locations are in different spots than the clues say this week. Be sure to do these missions as soon as possible, as the Double XP gives you tremendous score for completing each objective.

Please note before we start you can only pick up 1 piece of intel per game, so load into Plunder games to ensure speed between steps. Here’s the locations this week.

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Intel #1

We start off looking for this week’s message from Ghost. You’ll find it the uppermost set of rocks surrounding Quarry, overlooking the workyard.

Intel #2

After receiving Ghost’s message, we’ll be hunting down some intel from ARM 3-1. This will be located on the apartment rooftops to the southwest of Superstore. The prompt will be on a backpack next to a giant painted SOS message.

Intel #3

This piece is where things get a bit… off. The hint says to go to Block 2B at Quarry, but the intel is actually on a computer terminal in Block 2A on the lower level.

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Intel #4

We’ll be tracing some excess chemicals in this mission. Head over to the center of Superstore to find canisters of Nova 4 gas. Be quick though, enemies are bound to swarm this area.

Intel #5

This piece of intel will lead you to believe at first you’ll be searching for more Nova 4 canisters. This is not true. Instead, you will go over to Port and locate the large empty Canal between Port and Downtown. By door #18, you will find the intel in a small opening.

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Intel #6

For this piece, we’ll be heading to the Verdansk Gulag. The intel will be on the railing overlooking the blue Nuketown house. Unfortunately, in our playthrough, the intel bugged and we had to do parkour while in the Gulag to get it. If you run into the same bug, use the awning on the buildings to jump for the prompt.

Intel #7

The last piece of intel will instruct you to go to Bunker #1. Don’t listen – it’s wrong. You must instead head over to Bunker #3 – which will be to the west of Boneyard, near the side of the map. The code for this Bunker is 87624851. When you enter, you’ll find the intel on a desk to the right.

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Intel #8

This will be the final piece of intel that’s automatically unlocked after completing Intel #7.

Also, credit is given to Geeky Pastimes for being the first to solve this weeks intel. You can find his video guide here.