How to get Warzone H.A.R.P. UAV in Season 4

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone HARP UAV

Warzone Season 4’s new live event provides many opportunities and locations for players to get high-tier loot and even the H.A.R.P. UAV scorestreak in Verdansk.

Warzone Season 4 started with a bang, introducing various weapon changes, vehicles, and even a live event for players to enjoy on Warzone Wednesday.

In the Ground Fall event, Crashed Satellites have been dotted around the map containing an objective that players must complete receiving rare loot, with one score streak taking the lime-light in particular in the form of the Warzone H.A.R.P UAV.

How to get Warzone H.A.R.P. UAV

Warzone Season 4 HARP UAV

To receive the Warzone H.A.R.P. UAV from completing the satellite uplink at one of the Crashed Satellite locations, players must first know the locations of these new unnamed POIs, which we luckily have a guide on.

Under normal circumstances, the downed satellites would only serve as additional cover opportunities in otherwise open areas. However, during the Ground Fall event, Operators can retrieve highly valuable Codecs from these broken machines.

There will be an uplink at these sites where Operators can send the downed satellite’s files back to HQ. To do so, an Operator must interact with this uplink, which will undoubtedly leave them open to enemy soldiers looking to complete this mission for themselves.

Upon a successful uplink, an Operator will receive precious loot, including a Loadout Drop, a Warzone H.A.R.P. UAV, which acts as an Advanced UAV for 90 seconds, and in sporadic cases, the powerful Armored Cargo Truck, which is currently unavailable due to the invisible glitch’s return.

The Warzone H.A.R.P. UAV is an extremely useful score streak as it allows players to see everyone on the map without Ghost, including the way they are facing. If players can complete this uplink, not only will it be great for the event challenges, it will also help on your way to victory, gaining insight on all the enemy teams and their locations.

As well as the Warzone H.A.R.P. UAV, to help aid your path to victory, make sure you have the best loadout possible, with both the Krig and MG 82 proving to be very powerful this season.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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