Warzone hackers are actually complaining Verdansk has too many cheaters

Andrew Highton
warzone player using spotter in verdansk

Warzone players have been taken aback by comments from a website selling CoD cheats in which a self-proclaimed hacker has complained about there being too many hackers present in Warzone.

It’s fair to say that Call of Duty: Warzone has suffered a lot since the emergence of hackers in Verdansk, and it consequently ended up turning players away – particularly to Apex Legends.

Not only that, but it also brought about big business for hackers and hacking websites that can sell cheats to players that wish to indulge in illegal play.

Even though Warzone and Vanguard Season 1 is all set to introduce the long-awaited RICOCHET anti-cheat system for the new Caldera map, Verdansk has to suffer a tiny bit longer. This apparently isn’t ideal for one Warzone hacker who seems to be tired of “going up against so many other hacks that take it way too far.”

plane flying in warzone pacific caldera map

In an example of the pot calling the kettle black, one Warzone player was caught having a conversation about hacking in Call of Duty’s popular battle royale game on a site that specializes in selling cheats.

Reddit user tweeksdotcom exposed the forum post in which the player thanked the people behind the website and asked if they can get a hack that shows you who’s hacking in Warzone.

Their reason being that “going up against so many other hacks that take it way too far with aimbot, so it would be cool to get a heads up who’s looking.”

Presumably, one of the website’s mods replied saying that they will need to wait for Vanguard to release to see what “Vanguard and their anti-cheat brings to the table.” By this, we presume they are referring to the Warzone and Vanguard integration.

One of the top commenters on the Reddit post simply said: “Imagine complaining about a problem and not realizing the problem is you.”

The launch of the RICOCHET anti-cheat system should hopefully signal the end of cheating and hacking in Warzone, allowing players to jump into Caldera in peace.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software