Warzone glitch lets players use Cold War Dark Aether on Modern Warfare & Vanguard guns

Hamza Khalid
Warzone Operators and Dark Aether camo

Warzone Pacific players have come across a strange glitch that allows them to use the Black Ops Cold War Dark Aether camo on weapons from Modern Warfare and Vanguard.

Call of Duty titles feature a variety of different cosmetics that you can unlock through playing, and Dark Aether is one of the most highly sought-after camos for Black Ops Cold War weapons.

Since this weapon camo is restricted to Cold War guns, Warzone Pacific players are unable to equip it on Modern Warfare and Vanguard weapons. However, a bizarre glitch is allowing them to get past this.

Dark Aether camo from Black Ops Cold War

Unlocking mastery camos is a point of pride for Call of Duty players, as the game rewards their hard work by granting them access to unique cosmetics. However, many of these camos are limited to specific weapons.

Now, the Warzone Pacific community has come across a bizarre glitch that allows them to put any camo on any weapon in the game, including the guns from CoD Vanguard and Modern Warfare.

Top Warzone Pacific streamer FaZe Swagg showcased this glitch in a video on his channel, using it to equip the Dark Aether camo from Black Ops Cold War on Modern Warfare’s Kilo 141 Assault Rifle.

Warzone Pacific players have been calling for the developers to make it possible for them to equip camos from different Call of Duty titles on every gun in the game, and this glitch has made doing that possible.

This type of glitch often catches the attention of the developers, so it’s possible that they will remove it in a future update. Until that happens, players will be able to equip Dark Aether onto their Modern Warfare and Vanguard guns.

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Image credits: Activision