Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk mode: Dates, ghost abilities, Fear meter & more

Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk gameplay

The Haunting event is making a return in 2021, and it is bringing the new Ghosts of Verdansk game mode to Call of Duty: Warzone, and we have everything you need to know about the Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk game mode covered for you.

Halloween season is underway, and Call of Duty is celebrating the spooky time with the return of the fan-favorite The Haunting event in Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

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Players will be able to unlock the new LAPA SMG and acquire the exciting new Ghostface and Donnie Darko skins during The Haunting event.

One of The Haunting event’s main highlights will undoubtedly be the Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk game mode that puts an exciting spin on last year’s Zombie Royale limited-time mode for the Halloween-themed event so here is everything you need to know about the Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk mode.

Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk gameplay

Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk

The Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk mode is similar to the Zombie Royale game mode, where eliminated players will become supernatural creatures and will be available from October 19 to November 2, 2021.

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However, instead of Zombies, the 2021 version will see players become ghosts instead of being sent to the Gulag.

Players who are ghosts will have three unique abilities they can use to defeat their enemies, which you can find below with their official descriptions.

  • Super Jump: Similar to the jump from Zombie Royale, Ghosts can charge up and “leap” through the air to cover serious ground. Because Ghosts have no body, their light weight allows them to float and glide following a jump or a drop from any high distance.
  • Teleport: Another movement option, albeit with a slower cooldown, Ghosts can teleport a short distance to help immediately close gaps between them and living Operators. They can even teleport right through them and appear behind their would-be target.
  • Spectral Blast: This area-of-effect stun attack slows down Operators and disables vehicles.

Your objective as a ghost in the Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk mode is to eliminate enemy Operators by swiping at them. Each eliminated player will drop a soul, with ghost players needing to collect three souls to return to the match as a human character.

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Ghosts of Verdansk gameplay

Players can also perform a finishing move as a ghost to instantly respawn as a human, but this finishing move can be interrupted.

There will be various areas across the map in the Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk mode called Sacred Ground. These Scared Ground areas are marked by a glowing blue circle and light beam, protecting human players from ghosts.

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However, ghosts can throw themselves at the Sacred Ground areas and eventually break their protection.

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Fear meter

One of the other new features that the Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk mode is bringing compared to Zombie Royale is the fear meter. This fear meter is located in the bottom left corner of your heads-up display (HUD) and goes from 0 to 100.

Players who see their fear meter reach 50% will begin to experience hallucinations, but they can overcome this and have their fear meter drop.

The Haunting event gameplay

Something mysterious will happen if players reach 100%, but the official details for this event have not yet been announced. We will update this section with the official information when it is discovered.

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You can find the things that will increase and decrease your fear meter in warzone Ghosts of Verdansk below:

Fear increases naturally over time and when the following events happen:

  • Being shot at, being hit by enemy Equipment, or having their Killstreaks in the area
  • Camping (AKA cowardice)
  • Seeing dead bodies or Ghosts
  • Having squadmates downed or eliminated

Outside of experiencing a hallucination, Fear also decreases when the following happens:

  • Eliminating a player or Ghost
  • Reviving a squadmate
  • Completing a Contract
  • Remaining within Sacred Ground… so long as it stays intact

There is no doubt that the Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk mode will deliver plenty of exciting and terrifying moments for players throughout The Haunting event in both Call of Duty games.

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Source: Call of Duty Blog

Image Credits: Activision

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