Warzone Fortune’s Keep map size compared to Rebirth Island

Liam Mackay
Warzone Fortune's keep logo and player on Rebirth Island

Warzone is introducing a brand-new Resurgence-style map, Fortune’s Keep, but just how big is this map compared to Rebirth Island?

Warzone’s fast-paced Rebirth Island immediately became a fan favorite when it arrived alongside Cold War, with its smaller size and Resurgence mechanics keeping players engaged in constant battle.

Rebirth underwent a major overhaul in Season 2 Reloaded and now, Warzone’s devs are introducing Fortune’s Keep, another Resurgence map, in Season 4. With its map revealed, players immediately wanted to know how it compares to Rebirth Island and some players have done the math.

Warzone Fortune's Keep map

Warzone Fortune’s Keep compared to Rebirth Island

On June 18, the Raven Software Twitter account shared an image comparing the sizes of all 3 Warzone Pacific Season 4 maps, and this showed that Fortune’s Keep is slightly bigger than Rebirth Island.

After the Fortune’s Keep Tac Map was first pieced together by the community, players immediately attempted to compare it to Rebirth Island and everyone agreed that it was bigger than Rebirth.

Various Warzone players and content creators made guesses about the exact scale and size of this map in comparison to Rebirth Island, and now the developers have finally provided an answer.

In an official blog post, the devs confirmed that the Fortune’s Keep lobbies consist of up to 40 players in Resurgence. Players that jump in will be able to explore new POIs like Town, Smuggler’s Cove, Keep, and Winery.

The Fortune’s Keep map also features new content like the Black Market Supply Run Contract for players to try out. So, be sure to explore this new location after the Warzone Pacific Season 4 update.

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